BUIDLing on our best LIFE

AfterLife Finance
2 min readApr 20, 2021


Hey Vladiators!

A week sure seems like an eternity in cryptoland. There have been loads of exciting developments since our last medium article, such as:

  • Coinbase’s public listing
  • BNB’s massive upsurge
  • ETH’s Berlin hard fork
  • And the list goes on…

As our Vladevelopers keep on BUIDLing (not gonna lie, quality code means we set aside precious time and resources to stress-test what we’ve built), we wanted to keep you updated on the latest buzz within our community.

Life after LIFE

As we’ve shared previously, we’re working on an entirely new ecosystem build on AFTERLIFE. Again, this is still a code name, but we’re always happy to get your suggestions/thoughts:

Many have asked what they should do with their VLAD and LIFE tokens. We’ve consulted the VladFather, and he left us to ponder on this riddle:

Stack thy VLADs

Preserve thy LIFE

The VladFather
The Vlad Father

TAO NFT Marketplace

Our partners over at Friction.Finance have launched their NFT marketplace! Check them out at https://nft.friction.finance/

We’re working closely with our partners over at TAO on having our VLAD NFTs traded on their new marketplace. We’re super psyched about this and are confident that this will bring more eyeballs to our genesis and the artists behind them!

Watch out for our announcements once we get the final confirmation on VLAD NFT trading on TAO!

PIT Frankenstein listed on the TAO NFT Marketplace

PIT Frankenstein listed on the TAO NFT Marketplace