Gearing up for afterLIFE with a brand new website

AfterLife Finance
2 min readMay 11, 2021


A fresh coat of paint for Vladhalla

Vladiators assemble!

A brand new website for Vlad.Finance

“Wen V2” has been the rallying call on our telegram community since our last update on Vlad Finance’s V2 afterLIFE farming. We hear all of you loud and clear, and the team has been knee-deep in testing uphold the highest standard of security when we push V2 into production.

There’s tons of ongoing work happening behind the scenes, and the first fruit of our labor is the new Vlad.Finance website to usher the dawn (or should it be twilight?) of afterLIFE. A HUGE thanks to our designer and development team for crushing this!

In fact, some of our more observant Vladiators (looking at you, V B) even front-ran our telegrams announcements. Vlad.Finance is truly blessed to have such a lovely community.

The Count Vlad also wishes to take this opportunity to thank all of you (~2200 at last count) Vladiators for your relentless support over the last 3 eternities (months). Yes, we will turn 3 months old on 19th May!

As we BUIDL on in the eternities to come, Vlad.Finance is steadily establishing itself as one of the longest standing projects on BSC grounded on integrity and trust.

While we wait for V2…

Many were also asking what could be done with their VLAD and LIFE tokens before V2 farming. So here are some options to maximize your VLAD and LIFE bags:

STOS Farming

We have partnered with STOS Yacht Fund, where your VLAD tokens can be paired to farm STOS tokens. Also, check out our medium article introducing the STOS project here.

CELES Farming

Maximize your LIFE tokens with LIFE-CELES farming pools from our partners Celestial Finance. Click here for our recent write-up about what they are brewing up.

Stay connected!

This is only the beginning of Phase 2! You can now even meet the team on our website (you might know some of us already from the time spent in Vladhalla).

As always, if you have any questions after reading you’re welcome to hop in our telegram and ask away :)