The AFTERLIFE journey begins

AfterLife Finance
2 min readJun 6, 2021


After a successful snapshot done by Count Vlad, aLIFE has finally seen light!
A total of 43,284 aLIFE tokens were airdropped and distributed between -approximately- 340 eligible addresses. As many Vladiators might already know, aLIFE will be used for minting NFTs of the second collection and the following ones to come, and is yielded as a farming reward. The rewards started on block #8059400

AFTERLIFE has a max supply of 2,050,000 tokens which will be distributed over three years. There’s an initial eight week period of boosted emission which will be followed by a linear schedule. Within the linear schedule, block rewards will decrease every four weeks.

You need at least 1 Genesis NFT to have access to the pools to farm. The higher the tier of the NFT the better the multiplier for pools.

Base tier NFTs for Base pools
Rare tier NFTs for Rare pools
Epic/Legendary tier NFTs for Elite pools

*APR’s shown are illustrative*

What about LIFE?

LIFE IS THE ONLY WAY to get Genesis NFTs that grant access to the permanent farms that reward aLIFE, which in turn are used to mint the exclusive NFTs of our amazing artists.

LIFE is hyper deflationary as each NFT mint burns all the LIFE used to acquire it. There will never be more LIFE minted.

The protocol has a long term vision, which is why we created a 3 year emmision schedule for aLIFE.

This is just the first step to releasing the VLAD 2.0 platform and more things are yet about to come.