The update that VLADiators have been WAITING FOR!

AfterLife Finance
3 min readApr 30, 2021


Howdy Vladiators!

Take a deep breath before you start reading… because this update IS GONNA BE HUGEEE.

We’re sure many of you have tuned in to DeFi Vlad’s AMA with DeFiTrader held in the DeFiTrading Telegram group. If you managed to read between the lines, the Count himself dropped a few juicy hints related to v2 farming.

In this article, we will provide you all the information needed to prepare for v2 afterLIFE farming.

ALIFE, short for afterLIFE, will be the next token issued by VLAD Finance

There will be an initial max supply of 2,050,000 ALIFE tokens distributed over three years.

The majority of the ALIFE emissions will be farmed, along with a separate pool to fund VLAD Finance’s partnerships, marketing activities and our NFT artists.

For those with sharp eyes… We do have plans for a little surprise down the road. And yes, we plan to keep them in suspense.

aLIFE tokenomics

ALIFE Utility

The VLAD Finance team was bowled over by the success of the LIFE token and the minting of our genesis NFTs. Our Legendary NFTs sold out in a matter of minutes!

ALIFE will be used for NFT minting on VLAD Finance’s v2 platform. The team has worked hard to incorporate novel NFT distribution models such as using loot boxes and bonding curves (our OG supporters might be familiar with the bonding curves applied to the EPIC and LEGENDARY tier tokens).

With each loot box purchased, a portion of the ALIFE spent gets locked inside the NFT. The NFT owner has the option to burn this NFT to get the locked ALIFE back to their wallet!

We’re really excited about this feature because it introduces game-theory elements to our ALIFE NFTs. It’ll be fascinating to see how each individual and community aggregate actions results in the ebb and flow of supply/demand for ALIFE tokens & the NFTs.

We think it will be a great deal of fun as our VLADiator community starts experimenting with different strategies! This, in turn, will definitely strengthen the engagement within all of you loyal VLADiators

Supporting our stakeholders

We’ve shared earlier that with each loot box sale, a portion will be locked inside the NFTs. Other proceeds of the loot box sale will go to:

  • The majority of our proceeds will go towards talented NFT artists
  • VLAD holders (remember…Stack thy VLADs, Preserve thy LIFE)
  • A small fraction will be allocated to the developer and treasury fund


ALIFE will have eight weeks of boosted emission followed by a linear schedule. Within the linear schedule, block rewards will decrease every four weeks. M-Dot, one of our admins, was the master-mind behind ALIFE’s tokenomics. M-Dot, our VLAD brainiac, spent the last weeks assessing various tokenomic models and finally landed on one that best benefits our farmers and community. (There’s tons of hard work going on behind the scenes!)

Bonus piece of news for all bloodthirsty farmers out there — keep your eyes peeled for the first eight weeks of boosted farming.

Farming Mechanics

VLADiators can farm ALIFE by staking the following LP tokens:


There will also be a time-limited single-asset LIFE pool, which will undoubtedly take advantage of the boosted emission phase.

Genesis NFTs as the golden ticket to afterLIFE

Our loyal supporters from LIFE farming will be glad to hear that at least one genesis NFT is needed as an ‘entry ticket’ to ALIFE farming.

To our newly enlisted VLADiators — fret not! Genesis NFTs are still available for minting. Genesis NFTs can only be minted with LIFE tokens (again.. Stack thy VLADs, Preserve thy LIFE). Remember that all of this is coming shortly and will be announced, so be sure to follow us on Telegram and Twitter.