The update that VLADiators have been WAITING FOR!

ALIFE, short for afterLIFE, will be the next token issued by VLAD Finance

There will be an initial max supply of 2,050,000 ALIFE tokens distributed over three years.

aLIFE tokenomics

ALIFE Utility

The VLAD Finance team was bowled over by the success of the LIFE token and the minting of our genesis NFTs. Our Legendary NFTs sold out in a matter of minutes!

  • The majority of our proceeds will go towards talented NFT artists
  • VLAD holders (remember…Stack thy VLADs, Preserve thy LIFE)
  • A small fraction will be allocated to the developer and treasury fund

Genesis NFTs as the golden ticket to afterLIFE

Our loyal supporters from LIFE farming will be glad to hear that at least one genesis NFT is needed as an ‘entry ticket’ to ALIFE farming.



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