Vlad Phase 2: Life after LIFE…farming.

Some top milestones:

  • 1 million USD market cap within just a few days of launch with no marketing
  • LIFE farming launch with 1 million Total Locked Value (TVL) in first hour
  • Amazing artists collaborated
  • Launched an NFT minting platform which implemented a bonding curve
  • Sold 120,000 USD worth of NFTs in 2 days with close to 70,000 USD in one hour

NFT Minting

We started minting last week and to date have minted 815 NFTs which in turn have burned 153,000 LIFE. This includes a sell out of all 18 Legendary pieces in 1 freaking hour!!! If that wasn’t enough, the final 3 Legendaries were minted for 6000 LIFE each.


Welcome to the afterLIFE

Many of you have asked now that LIFE farming is over, what am I going to do with the rest of my LIFE, VLAD and all the NFTs?

How can you get AFTERLIFE?

AFTERLIFE will be launched using farming pools with the following configurations:

  • LIFE single asset staking pool (FINALLY!)


The only way to access the new farms will be to own at least one VLAD Genesis NFT.

  • Base tier NFTs will grant you access to the new farms
  • Rare tier NFTs will give you the first multiplier on any pool you enter.
  • The EPIC and LEGENDARY tiers will give you the highest possible multiplier on any pool you enter.

Artist Launchpad

We are now working with Sushinobi and other new and exciting artists on the next collections for Vlad.Finance. These pieces will move away from the Vlad Drakul meme and will be outside of the Vladhalla universe .

  • Lootbox Style Minting NFTs will now be random in order to give everyone a chance to mint valuable pieces.
  • Bonding Curves Most collections will follow some form of bonding curve sales process.
  • Locked in Value While LIFE was burned in our genesis phase, this time AFTERLIFE will be locked inside each NFT. That NFT can be burned anytime to get back the locked AFTERLIFE, giving these NFTs instant liquidity for their owner in case they should require it.
  • Revenue Share While most of the AFTERLIFE will be locked in each NFT minted. Some of it will go the Artists themselves to make sure we can keep collaborating with top artists. A significant share will be automatically distributed to all VLAD holders just for holding and a small final portion to the dev team to keep building the platform. This will all happen with each sale automatically.

Yup! You just read that correctly… all VLAD holders will earn a portion of each NFT sale JUST for holding VLAD.


The final phase of AFTERLIFE will be our marketplace where all the NFTs on our platform can be traded right after minting. Next week all VLAD NFTs will be tradeable on our partners Friction.Finance marketplace. Soon after that we will be able to trade on Juggernaugt and other marketplaces. In the long run however, we should have a marketplace of our own.



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