VLAD X CELESTIAL Partnership: bringing LIFE to the Stars

VLAD.Finance partners with Celestial.Finance

Yet another piece of good news for our valiant VLADiators. Today, we’re pleased to announce VLAD Finance’s partnership with Celestial Finance!

Celestial Finance is a DeFi yield farming platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and allows investors to exchange and farm their assets to earn CELES. The CELES project aims to differentiate itself from other yield farming platforms by introducing predictions market and NFT features.


LIFE-CELES Farming Pools

Bringing yet more utility to our LIFE tokens, we’re delighted to share that LIFE holders will soon have the option to earn CELES by staking LIFE-CELES LP tokens! (Take note! Please stake v2 Pancakeswap LPs!)

LIFE-CELES v2 Pool Address: 0x7bcf0da6f32bE0f85d0022Bd52C3085E4bB140A5

Farming on LIFE-CELES pools will start on May 3rd, 22:00 UTC+2, so head to https://app.celesfinance.com to start farming CELES!

VLAD is slowly becoming one of the longest standing projects on BSC with tip-top security, a trustworthy team, and a laser-sharp focus on taking care of its VLADiator community. We are excited to share more announcements with all you in the near future, so be sure to keep in close touch with us on Telegram and Twitter. Towards immortality!

Please read the following to get acquainted with our fabulous new partners.

All the information you need about Celestial Finance

Celestial Finance also provides a new way of earning alongside staking by introducing elements of prediction markets. Making daily predictions on crypto market values, participating in lotteries, and playing other interactive games will generate “Stardust” rewards for users.

How does Stardust work?

Stardust is the reward credit within Celestial Finance. Since Stardust IS NOT a BSC token, it does not hold any inherent value. However, upon accumulating a certain quantity of Stardust credits, users can then exchange for CELES tokens.

How does one earn Stardust?

Investors will be able to predict daily closing values of the cryptocurrencies, such as $BNB, $BTC, $ETH and more. After successful predictions, they will be granted Stardust for free. Other Stardust-earning mechanisms include Slots, Lotteries and Scratchcards.

Celestial Finance is currently working with an art agency to create their own set of NFTs, which will be sold on their very own NFT Marketplace as soon as development gets finished. Stardust and NFT Marketplace features are slated to go live in Q3 2021.




Premium NFTs and marketplace

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