What’s new on Vlad Finance?

It’s been almost a month since VLAD launched on BSC. However this is barely a blink of time for an Immortal, for whom things can get a bit “boring” in the long run. So Count Vlad has to seek things that make him feel alive.

Things that give LIFE.

Count Vlad has been working on this, to bring more life to his life. He thought it would be a good idea to dig more into creativity, which is very a powerful resource. And after some thorough research he decided to create a batch of NFTs.

Preview of one of the many exclusive NFTs


LIFE is the new token issued by Vlad Finance. It is used to mint EXCLUSIVE NFTs besides being entirely tradeable. There is a max supply of 414,096 LIFE which will be distributed over a period of 3 weeks. There is no “team allocation”, no “reserve”, or anything like that: the entire supply of LIFE will be there for farmers to harvest except for a small amount added for liquidity to Pancakeswap. Minting all the NFTs will burn most of the LIFE supply, 86%. The remaining 14% can be traded or stashed for what will come next. This means that LIFE is also a deflationary token.

The table below lists the different NFTs tiers and the LIFE tokens necessary to mint them, as well as the supply for each tier.

LIFE required to mint each NFT tier

Users can opt to be liquidity providers (LP) in different pools and all of them reward LIFE. The farm website is https://app.vlad.finance/farms. The pools and their respective yield multiplier are the following:

- VLAD-BUSD (x10)
- VLAD-BNB (x10)
- LIFE-BUSD (x4)
- LIFE-BNB (x4)

The same day LIFE was launched, Vlad Finance made a partnership with Friction Finance, an AMM yield aggregator which has recently started on Binance Smart Chain.

To create further utility for LIFE, users will be able to use the token on their platform to yield farm. The native token of Friction Finance is called TAO✨🧘

TAO holders are also able to stake and provide LP to farm LIFE to mint NFTs. The following options are available:

1. You can stake TAO in a single token pool to earn LIFE. LIFE rewards issued on Friction Finance represent slightly less than 5% of the total LIFE rewards, 20000 LIFE.

2. NEW POOL: Stake TAO-LIFE LP on Friction Finance and earn TAO as reward.

Yes you read well… audits are coming! We want to ensure the safety of all our users and it’s one of our major concerns. That’s why we will be audited by Certik, one of the world’s leading blockchain and smart contract verification platforms. They have done audits on a lot of projects in the cryptospace.

We have also submitted and are currently awaiting an audit by DeFi Yield. Their goal is to provide users with the set of tools necessary to enhance their yield farming experience, in addition to providing education on this space. You can speed up the process by upvoting, commenting and sharing: https://roadmap.defiyield.info/audits-request/p/vladfinance-audit

All of this has just started but there are still many things ahead that will be announced on future updates. Wondering if you can get a preview of NFTs? Well you are in luck https://vlad.finance/nft-arts-preview

Farm website: https://app.vlad.finance/farms

LIFE Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x50f4220c82c9325dc99f729c3328fb5c338beaae

Remember VLADiators that LIFE is valuable.

Till next time!



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